Looking for the Perfect Camping Destination? Visit “The Land of Stone and Light”

School is out! Ready to hit the road for an unforgettable vacation with your family in your new or used RV this summer? Don’t miss out on Badlands National Park! It’s a solid day’s drive, but worth every mile. Learn more below, and then start planning your vacay!

Badlands National Park

About the Park

Words like “fossil beds” and “geologic formations” may not sound thrilling to many people besides bioarcheologists, but you really have to see it to believe it. Badlands National Park features a breathtaking landscape that you won’t soon forget, and a perfect camping destination for your family.

Badlands National Park

The National Park Service shares the following on the website:

The geologic formations at Badlands are created from two processes: deposition (the process of rocks building up over time), and erosion (the process of rocks wearing down). As a result, the layered ridges and canyons at Badlands National Park have stunning and unique features.

Badlands National Park

Get more information on the history of the park here.

Things to Do at Badlands

You’ll be able to get your fill of exploring, hiking, and climbing around on the formations. You’ll also be impressed with glorious sunrises and sunsets – not to mention a brilliant night sky. Take a scenic drive or enjoy an afternoon at the Fossil Preparation Lab. Learn more about things to do at the park here.

Badlands National Park

Campgrounds at Badlands National Park

You have options for camping at Badlands – check them out here! The park has two campgrounds inside its borders, and a quick Google search will also land you several other RV campgrounds nearby.

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