RV Tips for Camping with Babies & Toddlers

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to camp with babies or toddlers – and how? It takes a little bit of thoughtful prep and planning, but the answer is yes, absolutely you can! One of our kids first went camping with us when she was just 6 months old. Here are a few RV tips for camping with babies and toddlers that can come in handy.

RV Tips

Get Your RV Ready

Babyproofing your new or used RV is no different that babyproofing your home. Take a look at the placement of outlets and cover them with outlet covers, and install latches on drawers and cupboards. Keep in mind that the interior of your RV isn’t as familiar to your little one as your home is, so they may be tempted to explore the new space.

Safety First

In addition to covering outlets, you’ll also want to make sure your RV includes things like a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector. Since towing or driving an RV is substantially different than driving your everyday vehicle, look for features like an electronic braking system and a rearview camera. Motor homes also advertise seatbelts – make sure there are enough for everyone and can accommodate your child’s carseat(s). Secure all gear out of any possible reach – everything from first aid supplies to bug spray to fishing gear.

Storage Space

Things like playpens and strollers take up space! Many RVs offer smart storage options and jumbo pass-through exterior storage, but you may also want to consider shopping for a toy hauler and using the garage to store not just your kayaks and bikes, but the essential baby gear you need to bring with you.

Baby Carriers

If you don’t already have some form of baby carrier, now is the time to invest in one! It may not be practical or feasible to take a punkin seat or stroller everywhere you go (like on hikes), so if you’ve had your eye on a baby wrap or back carrier, you should probably spring for that now.

RV Tips

Baby-Friendly Campsite

Make your campsite baby friendly! Put down moisture-resistant blankets on the ground and a playpen outside – in a well-shaded area, of course! Make sure it’s in a level place, away from the campfire, and clear of rocks and twigs. To protect your little one’s delicate skin, put a mosquito tent over the whole set up. This is a great place to centralize their toys or let them nap in the afternoon.

Be Mindful of the Time

If your child is used to a schedule at home that includes scheduled snack and naptimes and a regular bedtime, try not to disrupt that. You might be up for hours of adventure and exploring outside, but your little one still needs their routine. The quickest way to make your camping trip horrible is to skip what they normally expect in their everyday life! Sure, it may shorten your afternoon hikes or day plans, but make the mindful adjustments you need to so everyone stays happy.

RV Tips

Help Them Acclimate to Camping

Heading out for a 2 week camping trip may be difficult for a toddler or baby who’s never been away from their familiar environment for that long. Start with short trips (1-2 nights) and in places close to home. Or you may even “practice” on the weekends by using your RV in your home driveway.

With these RV tips for camping with babies and toddlers, you can absolutely enjoy a fun-filled and low-stress vacation. Contact us for help in choosing an RV that’s right for your family’s needs!

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